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David Grinspoon: Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission

So, right now there is a Denver ballot initiative for and “Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission”. I’ll be calling it EAC for short. You can check out the campaign website here. According to the campaign site, 57 extraterrestrial humanoids have been classified, the government has not only conspired to cover up the presence of extraterrestrials but the clean energy technologies they have offered us as well, and that photos from NASA are doctored to remove evidence of extraterrestrial life. For the evidence of these claims, they give a link to the Star Trek Institute The Disclosure Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to uncovering the truth about our alien life. The Men In Black big bad U.S. government, though, is standing the way. Here is a copy of the bill itself.

If your from Denver, I urge you attend David Grinspoon’s lecture on the ballot initiative before you consider voting for this bill. The title of his lecture is “Alien Life: The Science and the Hype: Why Denver Doesn’t Need an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission”. David Grinspoon is the curator of astrobiology at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, author of “Lonely Planets” and “Venus Revealed”, and winner of the Carl Sagan Medal. The lecture will be on the Auraria campus, 9000 Auraria Parkway, Denver CO 80217, in the North Classroom Atrium A/B from 3pm to 5pm on October 23rd. His personal web page is David Grinspoon’s Word. Metro State Atheists is hosting the event, the Center For Inquiry will be co-sponsoring, and Elles of Splendid Elles will be presenting David Grinspoon.

– Chalmer


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