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Acupuncture and Acne

Check out the article below from Sunday Mail.

“Acupuncture Bill Is Chinese Torture

Far East remedy for acne makes skin problems worse

No wonder Yesim McKeag is needled by a Chinese herbalist who promised to cure her acne for good.

She signed up for 16 acupuncture sessions and medicines costing s840. But over three months her skin got worse and high-street chain Herb-medic refused a refund.

Yesim, 33, said: “The treatment was completely useless. My skin is worse but Herbmedic are refusing to return my calls.”

The firm have 10 outlets in Scotland but more than 90 in the UK and Ireland.

Yesim, of Inverleithing, Edinburgh, signed up at their store in the city’s St James Centre in June.

She said: “I was stressed with the acne and had tried everything. Their doctor promised it would clear up.

Houswife Yesim at first paid s180 for three acupuncture sessions each lasting 20 minutes.

The herbalist then told her a hormonal imbalance was to blame and she would need further treatment.

She paid s383.50 for 12 more sessions costing s30 each plus fees for herbal teas and medicines.

A week later she paid s160 for more medicine.

Yesim said: “Bill and I were going on holiday so I couldn’t attend the acupuncture.

The doctor told me I had to buy more medicine to keep me going.”

She then paid a further s117.50. But when her skin got worse, her husband Bill, 50, took her to a specialist.

She said: “I had blood tests which clearly showed no hormonal imbalance.

“The doctor at Herbmedic was talking nonsense.”

Yesim complained but the firm refused to refund a penny – not even the s90 for three treatments she had not yet taken.

In an email to management consultant Bill, they said Yesim’s treatment failed because it was interrupted by her holiday and that they would complete her course.

I got on to Herbmedic at their head office in Barking, Essex.

They said: “We believe we acted appropriately but as a goodwill gesture we will in this case offer a no-obligation refund.”

Thrilled Yesim said last night: “I’m delighted The Judge has managed to sort this out for me.”

I am glad that like Yesim’s acne, this problem has been cleared up.”


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  1. It is a myth that products that contain benzoyl peroxide are not safe for pregnant women. It has been deemed as safe by the FDA and numerous scientists. However, over- the- counter acne medications that contain Salicylic Acids are not safe. Again, before you use any acne treatment, if you are pregnant, seek the advice of your regular health care provider as well as a dermatologist.

    Comment by eliminate acne | April 24, 2009

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