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2008 Election

From Jeanette, an organizer for Denver Atheists & Freethinkers

As an individual, my own political inclinations are well-known to anyone who reads the message board, but the group as a whole is open to a diversity of people and doesn’t represent any particular political party, and as a leader of this group (as opposed to as an individual and member of the group) I’m not going to tell you all what political party or candidates you should vote for. I will urge you to consider whether your choices represent the best hope for equality, personal freedoms, and separation of church and state.

Also, I know that some of you might feel that voting is a futile act, and that no one person makes much of a difference anyway, especially when that one person isn’t part of a large voter block. In a sense this is true, but voting isn’t an individual act. It’s something that do collectively, acting in unison to shape our country.

This is something that evangelical Christians understand very well. They aren’t some enormous majority of society, they’re about 25% of the population. And that’s after a couple of decades of enormous growth that stems largely from their willingness to put effort into what they believe. They work together to such an extent that it creeps out the rest of us who are more inclined toward individuality. We wouldn’t even want to emulate their “hive mind” mentality, but if we aren’t ready to hand the country over to them, we’ll have to learn to follow their example just a little bit. At least get off the couch long enough to vote.



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