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Because desert goat herders living In tents 3000 years ago

knew more about the cosmos and biology

than modern day scientist


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Calling Atheism A Religion…

“Calling atheism a religion is like calling bald a hair color” – Don Hirschberg

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Denver Atheists And Freethinkers Halloween Party

Denver Atheists And Freethinkers (DAFT) will be having a Halloween Party. There will be live music and loads of secular fun.

  • Location: Bushwacker’s
  • Address: 1967 S Broadway
    Denver, CO 8021o
  • Phone: 303-722-0280

When you get their, just tell them your with DAFT. Here is a description of the event from Jeanette, one of the primary organizers.

We finally found a venue for our party. I’ve moved up the start time to 8 o’clock, but it’s fine to come earlier or later than that. The live music starts at 9 p.m.

Greg R. and I will be there no later than 8 p.m., and will be wearing devil horns. To find us, refer to our photos. That’s probably the best way, because the staff might be busy, but if you look around and can’t find us, ask the staff for DAFT; we’ll let them know we’re there. It’s a small spot (capacity 100, plus extra patio space), so it shouldn’t be hard to find each other.

It’s a bar, so standard 21-and-up type of drinking establishment.

Cover charge: $5. (Cheap for a bunch of live bands.)

There will be four rock bands, ranging from New Wave-ish, through hard rock to punk. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but nothing I could schedule would be, and the variety increases the chance that people will enjoy something that’s offered.

Other pluses of picking a South Broadway venue: Fairly central Denver location, but cheaper cover charge than most places downtown, parking’s not quite as crazy as downtown (but the place is still very accessible by bus), you don’t have to be a 25-year-old supermodel, and you aren’t expected to wear lingerie (but of course you are all free to do so if you wish). SoBo isn’t as glitzy and fake as downtown.

These are the same folks that organized the Separation Of Church And State Rally a few weeks back. Anyway, Metro State Atheists will be there, and we hope you will be their too.

– Chalmer

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Ode To Rapid Republicans

Ode To Rabid Republicans
Ode To Rabid Republicans

Ye cravest certainty in a world

Ye knowest as boundless;

Thy dismay bleedest

Through the cracks in thy rusty and shackled armor

ye refuest to discard.

Thy time hast passed, yet ghostly ye cling, forlorn and lost.

Worn buckles fumbled shut,

Old steel boots mauled onto fungied feet,

Thou preparest thy latest onslaught.

Thou hast trodden into our minds for many a decade

Thy hatred for all;

Harvesting fear and frenzy, seeding anger to fester and explode.

In droves thy recruits swarm behind thee.

Proudly bannered in the American flag.

They slogan forth, fangs dripping Patriotism,


Death to terrorists,

Death to Muslims,

Death to the Other,

Death to all

that lights this wondrous world,

Death to it all

But your dictums.

Though thy faith leadest to the valley of death,

Though thy faith leadest to the Killing Fields,

Though thy faith


thou into befouled alleys,

Heaped in thy stinking deceipt,

Beset by bigotry, envy, grisly greed, lust, and dreadful deeds

that most surely will end in contrition,

Ye travelest it leaning on blind dogma—eschewest reason

and wonder not to justify the vile means nor the ends for that

which you seek.

Doest thou not thinkest of thy God thou invokest so facilely?

Doest thou truly believest thy God adorest thy offerings:

Burned flesh?

Charred children?

Drowned poor?

Suffering meek?

Did Christ not enjoin thy vows of love?

of mercy?

of compassion?

Methinks thou hast lost thy way,

To gather at the birthing of thine own making,

Yet not of the foretold nor desired Second Coming.


Thou hast abandoned thine children

Foresworn thy duteous caretaking,

Forgotten the words of thy Savior,

The meaning of


to woefully follow the



—a Pied Piper—

A Traitor Made in Thine Image,





                                A most private


                                           Thou Designed for Thee.

By riki mathews

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