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More Interesting Search Terms

Here are some of the more interesting things people have put in search engines to get to this site.

1) wicked atheists leaders of state

2) adolf hitler speech hand

Some sort of Nazi puppet show maybe?

3) atheism danger to science

Thats right, we are the dangerous ones.  Its not the politicians and religious leaders hostile towards education and scientific advancement, its us science hating heathens.

4) atheism dangers

An inordinate fondness eating small children.

5) atheist costume halloween

There’s a costume?  Seriously, what the hell could this mean?

6) atheist + job + denver

We are hiring for secretary and treasurer positions.  Also, we can’t pay you.

7) dawkins watson, emma watson dawkins

I have seen a lot of variations of this, and a lot of other bloggers seem to get these too.  I have no explanation.

– Chalmer


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