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Response To Willard Johnson

In the recent news publications about the secular Billboard project, Willard Johnson was cited as saying the project was a desperate effort to discredit Christianity and was cited as saying following.

“The Bible is being fulfilled. It says that in latter days, you have all these kinds of things coming up, trying to disrupt the validity of Christianity,” Johnson said. “If they don’t believe in God, how do they believe they came about? We denounce what they are doing. But we do it with love, with gentleness, with decency and with compassion.”

Firstly, the billboards are in no way directed at Chrisitanity or believers of any particular theistic philosophy.  These billboards is an attempt to rech our to people of like mind.  The idea that it targets or discredits Chrisitianity ethnocentric over dramatic.  Though I anticipated some people being upset, I didn’t imagine that anyone would take this as a delioberate attack on their beliefs becuase, well, its just not.  I fail to see how the content of the billboard even addresses the validity of Christianity.  When Willard sees and advertisement for a product he doesn’t need, want or use, does it bother is as much?  Sorry Willard, but I think your being a drama king.

– Chalmer


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