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Mourning Mumbai

I’m sure everyone has heard about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai.  Having heard a thousand times that Atheism preempts one from having any kind of moral or ethical framework.  Such a supposition also seems to go hand in hand with the idea that, without God watching over us, we have no reason to be good people.

Well, my heart is heavy for the lives lost in Mumbai.  I don’t need any kind of deity or bad consequences to make me empathetic.  I care because I’m human.

– Chalmer


November 30, 2008 - Posted by | atheism, Blurb | , , , ,

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  1. “Dogs woudn’t visit the Army Martyr’s house”. But the CM just did. The son of a bitch just went to their house and when his father kicked him in his balls he shrieked and ran away. Mr. CM-Thats how dogs like you are supposed to be treated.

    Comment by Ramandeep Singh Sidhu | December 2, 2008

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