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The Jesus Fraud- Announcement.

Due to some sources having some validity issues (the Zietgeist wasn’t a ‘source’ per say.  It was a place holder since I was using many of the same sources they did, independent of knowing they used said sources).  These sources include but are not limited to G. Massey and Acharya S.  Also influencing this decision is the many good comments and challenges to this idea.  Therefore, I will be doing this as a series of blogs.  The structure of which will be the following:

A blog will be posted giving as full account of the argument I will be refuting in the unbiased way possible.  Sources may include comments i have received on previous blogs.  I will leave this up for about a week so that I may receive feedback on the “pro” argument so I do not commit the Strawman fallacy.  Feedback should be an attempt to correct something in the argument that I have missed or misrepresented, thus, please do not post refutations on these.  Then, once I have that, I will post a blog in refutation of the argument.  Comments on this are also appreciated, and all manner of comments are welcome.

Thank you to all that posted comments on the original Jesus Fraud blog.  It is because of you that this series is possible.

To access the blog series please use this link:





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    Comment by carved our lady statues | January 8, 2009

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