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Group Theory: Relevancy to Chemistry

Due to the incompatiblity of Word mathematics formating and WordPress’ text editor,  I am making this paper available for download in two versions:

Group Theory: Relevancy to Chemistry (Word 2007 Version, .docx)

Group Theory: Relevancy to Chemistry (Word 2003 Version, .doc)

Click on the verison that is compatible with your version of Word.

– Note:  Word 2007 documents are not compatible with Word 2003


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  1. Interesting topic. Well MSA, Rohedi will learn more and coming here again to relate The Group Theory with Differential Equation, especially that have commonly used as Mathematical models in Chemestry. Oh yeah don’t forget to click Rohedi’s address, on leave comment of the SMT’s article there are important information.

    Comment by Rohedi | May 28, 2009

  2. @MSA, I am happy in reading your article of the group theory in chemestry, descriptive enough. Keep on doing brother. Oh yeah the true of link for SMT’s paper on my website is that But if some body here need Bernoulli Integral please click my address or Thanx.

    Comment by Rohedi | June 2, 2009

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