Metro State Atheists

Promoting Science, Reason, and Secular Values

Thanks Yous

This is basically a thank you page listing everyone who has ever helped us out. This page is continually updated. So thank you,

Tim Baily

Boulder Atheists

The Center For Inquiry (CFI)

The Colorado Coalition of Reason (COCORE)

Denver Atheists

Denver Atheists & Freethinkers

Denver Skeptics

Sarah Diaz

Bob Enyart

Reed Esau

David Grinspoon

The Freedom From Religion Foundation

HumanEX Academy

Debbie Goddard

Lucia Guatney, blogmaster of Splendid Elles

Humanists of Colorado

Metro State’s student activity center

Norman Schultz, for club advising

Riki Mathews, co-author of this blog and club advisor

David Miller

PZ Myers, blogmaster of Pharyngula

Nicole Queen

The Secular Student Alliance

Susan Schelble, for club advising

Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist (the fictitious character portrayed by Roger Scott Jackson)

Victor Stenger, Author of “God: The Failed Hypothesis”

Marvin Straus


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  1. Fantastic! We need much, much more of this. Let’s bring back the Age of Reason!

    Comment by Don MacLeod | November 15, 2008

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