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Im holding the mic, and that Jeanette on my right.

Chalmer Wren

Lucia, the Author of Splendid Elles

Lucia, the Author of Splendid Elles

Victor J. Stenger

Victor J. Stenger


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October Newsletter

Hello all!!!  Nice to be in touch with you again!  We have some new things to tell you about and to remind you of some others.
First and foremost- Saturday, October 4th.  We will are inviting all who want to join us for an atheist night out!  We will be going to see the new Bill Maher movie “Religulous” at the Regency Tamarac Square Theatre. Located at:  7777 E. Hampden Ave. Denver, CO 80231 Phone number: (303) 368-9200.  We will be going to the 7:15pm showing.  The theatre asks that you arrive at least 15 mins before the showtime to allow time for getting through the ticket line.  Tickets for adults are $9.50 and students w/ valid student id are $7.00 (I don’t know if this includes tax, but I doubt it).  This is an informal outing, but would like to see as many of as possible.
Secondly- This month we have two on campus events (Both of which are free).
  1. Fight Amendment 48: Oct. 20th and 22nd .  In the Tavern Space.  This table is to educate people about Amendment 48 (Definition of a Person) and its consequences and to oppose the measure. 9am-4pm both days.

  2. David Grinspoon: Alien Life:  The Science and the Hype (Why Denver Doesn’t Need an ET Affairs Commission”. Oct 23rd at the North Classroom Atrium A-B (near the Café) from 3pm-5pm.  This talk will be very interesting and quite informative.

Third (but no less important)- We have a new blog spot that is getting a lot of attention that all of you should check out, read and comment.  We have many blogs, new and old that are sure to make you think, question and laugh. Click here to see the new blog (if that link doesn’t work, the URL is

Lastly- Chalmer submitted an article to the Campus Inquirer, a publication published and circulated by our affiliate The Center for Inquiry, about our guest speaker event featuring P.Z. Myers.  When we receive more details about the publication we will pass that info on to you all!!!

Stay Rational!



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