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Joel Guttormson debates radio show host Bob Enyart (AM 670)

From Theology Online:

“Atheist Billboard spokesman, Joel Guttormson, (“Don’t Believe in God, You’re Not Alone”) will debate Radio talk show host Bob Enyart this Wednesday on Bob’s radio and Internet show (AM 670, Internet .

Both sides have been sent information on the other (Bob’s show with his interview of Dan Barker was sent to Joel, and Joel’s website was sent to Bob).”

The show will at 3pm MT, Wednesday January 7th.

Here is the  link to Bob’s interview with our friend Dan Barker.

Commentary on the show can be viewed by using the links below:

Joel’s Commentary

Chalmer’s Commentary

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Christopher Hitchens Debate

The following was sent to me by Jeanette of Denver Atheists & Freethinkers (DAFT).

Christopher Hitchens will be debating Dinesh D’Souza in Boulder, an event called “What’s So Great About God?” It will be held at Macky Auditorium, on the CU Boulder campus. You can buy tickets (only $10. apiece, + $1.50 service charge) at King Soopers or online through the following link, which also has links to venue information and a map:


It may be hard for group members to find each other there, so if you want to hang out with DAFT members, it might be best to carpool. Boulder’s a long way out there for many of us, and it’s more fun to go to events with others, anyway. (I, Jeanette, live in southeast Denver by D.U., so that’s one potential carpooling hub.)

Note: No RSVP limit, no limit on guests, maybe RSVPs allowed. The only limit is on the number of available tickets, and that has nothing to do with me. biggrin

Thank you to D.A.F.T. member Robert Dixon for passing this info along to me.


Macky Auditorium

17th St. and University Avenue

Boulder, CO 80309

January 26, 2009 at 7:00pm
That is a Monday

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